Sephora Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo

To go along with my orange loving theme, I picked up the Sephora Pantone blush duo along with the YSL Glossy Stain in #8 (picture above I'm wearing the YSL in one layer, tapped in for a less intense effect) - I just wanted an orange/peach blush and this fit the bill.  The matte orange was exactly what I was looking for and the shimmery tangerine was just funky enough to figure why not.  I'm wearing Desert Flower on cheeks up to temples, and Coral barely dusted over cheekbones.

Per the Sephora website:

Coral, Pantone #15-1439 (Color of the Year with gold shimmer) 
Desert Flower, Pantone #15-1435 (light orange matte)

The packaging is like Inglot palettes, magnetized corners with a heavy frosted cover, you have to slide it off.  It's kind of chunky, but does feel substantial and not-cheap.  Being completely flat, it's easy to store which is nice.

The amount of gold shimmer/small glitter in Coral is intense.  With a fluffy brush, I had to be careful not to dip brush in too much to cause it to go flying everywhere.  Both are a little powdery.  The Desert Flower matte orange shade isn't too strongly pigmented and works well on my fair skin, I also don't have to worry too much about grabbing too much and needing to fix.  Not sure how well it would work on darker skintones.  The glitter in Coral may put people off, but I'm fine with small glitter truth be told.

Coral is also darker and seems more richly pigmented.  First swatches I applied heavily on the left and used a brush on the right, more like how I would apply on my cheeks.

These swatches I used my fingers to blend out a bit so you can see the deeper shade of base color on Coral.