LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer - Swatches and Impression

I ordered something with ULTA that gave me a deluxe sample of LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer, figured I'd swatch it and give my first impression. And probably only impression.  This isn't a self-tanner, it's body makeup intended for arms/legs/wherever.  It's a deeper shade of their TANtalizer bronzing luminizer that's supposed to give you a Hollywood Red Carpet look apparently.  Well, so.  My first impression was - this smells like my Mom's old Christmas candles.  Boyfriend reads vanilla, so it must be just a flavor of vanilla I associate with her candles (cheap waxy vanilla methinks).

It's a nice color, and shimmery.  Not just a sheen, it's lots of small sparkles.

Once I blended it out, I was covered in small shimmer but it's not visible in all lights.  In the lighting in the kitchen, it was like glitterball but on the couch in the living room I didn't see more than I have in the picture below.  It reminded me of this Olay Quench lotion that has shimmer - it's not visible in all lighting either, but it's a slightly smaller sparkle.  The LORAC is more noticeable in the right lighting.

So I blended it out quite thoroughly on the left hand there, right hand is bare (and I was bumbling around a while before taking pictures - including eating dinner, some might have rubbed off a bit).  My hands are probably around NC0-5, lighter than my face for reference.  I think this would be a bit deeper if not blended so much, but I was having a little difficulty getting it even.  You can see a couple sparkles, but I took these pictures with fading light and a flash so just imagine those sparkles all over.

I would possibly consider wearing this on my legs since those are probably NC-10 (seriously, it's a little frightening even to me) but I'm sweaty and I'd be worried about it smearing/running.  And I don't think I could stand the scent covering any significant amount of my body.

Have you tried it?  Or taken a sniff?  Would love to know what you think!