My Highlighter Collection: Creams/Liquids, with Video

I'm a bit of a nut for highlighters, something about glowing sheen on my cheeks makes me happy. It brings dimension as well and since I don't contour much these days, it helps. I have several creams and liquids, some that I like better than others.

Three that fall into the cream category are Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight in Wicked and Moonshine. These colors have been discontinued, I bought them on They are a very thin, slick texture. Super cute little packages with the skulls!

Moonshine is a translucent strong pink pearl flash, reminds me of the pink flash shade in the Tarina Tarantino Jewel Palette in Magical - one of my favorite palettes! I wore it a few times since recording the video and I definitely am liking it more than I did before. It doesn't have any large chunks of glitter. Wicked is sort of a perplexing color to me, it's a possibly bronzed pink? Glittery mystery. As you may have guessed, it does have larger pieces of shimmer which can be very obvious in certain lighting. This one is not my favorite.

MAC Cream Color Base is a thicker texture, MAC calls it a pale gold with icy shimmer (what color is icy I wonder..?). To me it's sort of a beige-ish light creamy sheen, looks very natural on the cheeks/browbone. I haven't had wear issues with it, but my cheeks are normal/dry.

Urban Decay Urbanglow in Moonshine, Wicked;
MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl,
Boots No 7 High Lights, Benefit High Beam,
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
It's a little tough for me to get a decent picture of highlighters, all those glowing strips and my pale skin competing to reflect the most light. :D

For liquids! First thing I bought quite a while ago was the Boots No 7 High Lights, I mentioned in the video the Beauty Broadcast post by Emily showing the tip she'd gotten on this being a dupe for Benefit High Beam. Now that I have both, I would agree they're very similar in the colors but the thinner texture of the High Lights makes it trickier to have the same payoff of High Beam. They're pearl shades leaning to the pink side.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is a pink with gold shimmer, but it's quite sheer and I was disappointed with the payoff on my cheeks. It kind of disappears, so I am glad I got a kit so I could sample this out before buying full sized. Nice if you want something subtle with a warmer tone.

Boots No 7 High Lights, Benefit High Beam,
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl,
LORAC Double Feature highlight DF 0.5
Last one I forgot to include in the video (I think it pops up when talking about the powders!) is the LORAC Double Feature highlighter that comes with the concealer duo. The shade is DF 0.5 and I think the highlighter is different depending on the shade. Mine is a strongly pigmented pink with strong shimmer, I wore it too heavily one day to work and took a picture - it was like a lightbulb on my face. Wowzers. :)

Overall, I think my favorites are the MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, Urban Decay Urbanglow in Moonlight, LORAC Double Feature 0.5 DF. What are your favorite cream or liquid highlighters? Anything you're dying to try out? Heck knows I need more highlighters to obsess over. ;)