Tightlining Makes All the Difference

I've been a fan of the upper underneath lashline liner (that usually ends up on the upper waterline as well) called tightlining ever since I learned about it a few years ago. I originally posted back in March 2011 my difficulties with twitchy spazzy lids while doing it but I figured out the trick to avoid this. I determined with me, it depends where my pupil/iris is (aka the non-white part of your eye). If I'm looking where the pencil is, my lids will twitch. If I look away so all I can potentially stab is the whites (pfft who cares, that happens all the time :S) - no twitch.

Here I've already tightlined the left eye with mascara applied to both eyes - Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara. For the liner, I prefer MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes 0L, it's a little less creamy than Urban Decay 24/7 pencils and for me has better lasting power. It's not the most pigmented but I'm not looking for a deeply dark look like I might want for the lower waterline.

The technique I use now gets more liner on my upper waterline (which then just makes more cleanup due to transfer on to lower lashline/tear duct). I place the pencil at the upper waterline, close my lid for the most part and just slide back and forth. There's lots of demos on YouTube, I will try to remember to film a clip next time I have the camera out!

And here's the end result! You can fake some extra lash volume your mascara may be lacking without taking any space on your upper lid. I love how it adds intensity, one of my favorite subtle techniques. :)

Do you tightline? Have a favorite combination of products? What's your favorite sneaky tip? :D


  1. I love your posts! One product I really like is Ulta’s duo sized liner sharpener that keeps all the shreds contained till you empty it. It is mess free so there is no excuses not to sharper your liner. Do you have any plum liners ? I think that would make your eyes really look great :)

    1. Thanks! I have some purples, but no plums. I'll have to give tightlining with them a try though for sure. :)


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