Nail of the Day: Zoya FeiFei

It's been ages since I posted anything nail-related, I haven't been wearing much polish lately and not taken any pictures when I have. I picked up this Zoya FeiFei polish during a promotion a while back along with two other colors (Brizia and Bailey). I wanted to get interesting polishes, so I searched around for suggestions - but FeiFei I picked out on my own because it looked neat.

It's a grayish dark blue base with tons of small shimmer in gold, blue, pink - at least! I have two coats here with no base coat or top coat. I'm on day 3 maybe of the manicure, I've found this wears very well for me. I have one chip on my right hand from a nail that's peeling. Otherwise this wears for about 5 days with only tip wear before chipping (without base/top coats).

I love that the polish ends up on your nails exactly how it appears in the bottle. So many times with the more interesting shades in the bottle, they lose dimension on the nail.

With a flash here, you can see a little more sparkle and the base color. The previous picture in natural light is how the polish appears in person.

Have you tried out FeiFei? What's your current favorite polish? Thanks for reading!