Laura Geller Baby Cakes Eye Palette Review and Swatches

I picked up this eye palette I believe when ULTA first started carrying Laura Geller. The sparkles must have blinded me because if I were to swatch it again now, I would definitely keep walking. Swatched dry, the shadows are very weak. The only shade that isn't almost pure sparkle is the coppery shadow in the top left. This product appears to not be sold at most retailers anymore, but is available at Macy's and Dermstore when I did a quick check.

As you can see in the palette, there's a whole mess of sparkles everywhere too. The colors are gorgeous but you need something seriously sticky for them to hold on to and apply the color wet. All but the coppery shade are almost all sparkles, you can see the chunks in the swatches.

All swatches are over Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop and done with fingers - without primer on dry skin, the dry swatches were horrendous. The top row is dry, middle row was wet but I blew off the excess glitter before a picture, last row is wet without blowing off the excess. The light purple shade is sadly awful even when wet. The gold and deep green are better but a lot of the pretty sparkle does come from the glittery particles that may fall off.

Here's an eye look I did with all four colors. The coppery shade (which is my favorite, obviously and the only one with any decent base color) all over the lid wet and blended into the crease. I dabbed some of the loose sparkle from the golden shade into the middle of my lid and blended, it got a little lost once I blended. I used the light purple in my inner corner (and accidentally blended the edge of my crease color with a brush I'd used for it earlier so there's some random light glitter edging up to my browbone) and applied the deep green as a liner. These colors also don't really go together, but hey, I wanted to slap them all on my face at once! I also had a hot mess of a time with foundation and brows today. Goodness gracious.

Have you tried any Laura Geller products you loved? So far, I've only used this and Balance-n-Brighten foundation (which I really enjoy). Thanks for taking the time to read!