Wet 'N Wild Vegan Culture Palette Swatches - Limited Edition Spring 2015

So I was in Walgreens for my monthly prescription pickup+makeup browse and what did I see, a limited edition Wet 'N Wild display! I feel like I never see these at my Walgreens, so of course I plopped myself down to check it out. A minty shade was among the options and I couldn't resist. I have been rambling on twitter for quite a while now about my *need* of a perfect mint shadow. I've bought two shadows prior (one returned) that I thought would be The One but sadly did not deliver on my very particular minty shadow craving. I should have known I should just wait until spring when the pastels come out!

Vegan Culture had to be mine! This is very close, if not exactly the color I was looking. I was worried though because some of the more recent limited edition palettes from Wet 'N Wild haven't gotten the best reviews. It's tricky to get lighter shades sometimes, so even though I was also interested in the purple palette I decided to stick with just this one (not to mention I have a lot of purple eyeshadow as it is).

Some of the other palettes have multiple shades with sparkles, Vegan Culture only has one (which I'm happy about). All of the other shades have a shimmery finish. The last shadow swatched below with the sparkles appears matte for the most part, and based on previous experience with this type of shadow from all brands, I would not be surprised if the sparkles don't really transfer to the eyes visibly. I swatched these with my fingers on bare skin (no primer/base underneath).

I needed to build up the swatches to get this intensity for all except the silver and the bright robin's egg blue. The matte/sparkle shade at the end was the most powdery and you can see a little of that in the pan. However, they are all very buttery and creamy to the touch and if using a brush it picks up the product very nicely. I don't think these will be difficult to work with at all, what a relief! I think the minty shade (third swatch) may benefit from a white base to get the minty color to really shine depending on your skin tone. I don't think any of them will require a sticky/colored base to work nicely, but I do always use a primer on my eyes.

Overall I'm really pleased with the texture and color selection, I think it's quite an interesting mix with that olive green thrown in! I'm really looking forward to using this on my eyes. I did pack on some of the mint shade over my eye look today and it was very nicely pigmented but looks more white than mint, likely due to my existing crazytown purple-pink eye look going on. I would have just removed everything and used this palette but I absolutely hate removing my eye makeup without washing my entire face and I've already done that once today due to a foundation mishap, haha.

Let me know if you're looking to pick this up or anything else from the collection, there's so many pretty palettes to choose from! I hope they all perform this well.